AutoPlay Menu Builder


Powerful menu creator for CD-ROMs



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With this complete utility, you can freely create the interface for the menus of your CD-ROMs without the need of any type of experience. You will only have to change and move the elements to your taste.

The program includes a series of predetermined templates that vary according to the type of menu you want to design. You can design menus for CDs with samples of a software product, a movie or a tutorial.

The templates are completely customizable. You can add, delete or modify any element that can be found in them. But if you don't want to establish anything, you can create the menu from a blank page.

Once you've created the design and the interface, you can insert the elements like executables, films, direct accesses to web pages, audios, etc.

Creating personalized menus for your CD-ROMs has never been this simple!

In the trial version the menus include a warning that it's a shareware version.

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